ATH Writing Challenge

Sarah Hoyt posted a writing challenge in her blog, and since we already posted our weekly Odd Prompts entry (and virtuously turned in our next prompt), I thought I’d give it a swing. The prompt is the picture below, and the instructions specify two paragraphs. 

ATH Writing Challenge

It was Sunday in the Green Room. Weekend writers were taking their turns pecking away, so people got pulled away every so often to go and help, but even they seemed to slow down on Sunday mornings, and everyone was taking a break. The adult characters tended to relax with a hot beverage and leisurely breakfast, but Jane and Sally didn’t have the patience for that, so they typically spent the morning with the animals. Fortunately, the Minis tended to get restless faster than the full sized adults, so Mr. Jones usually kept an eye on the girls while they played, waiting for the other adult Minis to wander by and chat.

Accustomed as they were to this being a time for laziness, it was even more of a shock when Jane saw the Mini kids. She had never seen Mini kids before. She knew they had to exist, but apparently the writers didn’t see much need for them very often, because she’d lived her whole life without seeing a single one. It was such a surprise that she almost lost her grip on the window frame and fell into the bath with Bessie and Prancer. Then she almost fell again as she  twisted herself around just a little too quickly to yell for Sally. Finally, she sorted herself out just as Sally ran up, and they turned together. New friends!


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