Week 29 of Odd Prompts

We tried to get an early start this week, since last week I got crushed as I was racing the deadline, but it just didn’t work out. Here’s the snippet we managed. We went with this prompt from Odd Prompts. “It all happened at Widder’s Landing, a hundred years ago…”

Clancy’s Bar

It was mid-shift, so the bar was pretty empty, even in a busy port like this one. All the folks getting a drink after work had gone to get some sleep before their next work cycle started. I was waiting for a contact to show up to pitch me his job. It felt good to be in a position to turn one down if it wasn’t right for me. I had worked a long time to get to that point. I turned to the barkeeper and tapped my glass. “Another of these, please, and one of whatever you’re drinking.” 

The bartender nodded and pulled two glasses, walking over with his rag thrown over one arm, holding the glasses with the casual grace of someone with a lot of experience. That experience was written in every line of his weathered face, as well. I couldn’t have guessed his age, other than “old”. The man put down one glass in front of me and held up the other, waiting expectantly for me to pick up mine. “To memories!”

After we each finished a long swallow, the man cocked his head and looked at me expectantly. “You interested in a story?” I felt a slow smile spread over my face. “I couldn’t hope for a better way to help with the wait.”

“It all happened at Widder’s Landing, a hundred years ago…”

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